Thursday, 26 June 2014

AJ's Electrical Tip - Do you have flickering lights?

If your lights flicker, or turn off and then on, for some unknown reason, this is often an indication of a loose wire connection or broken wire either at the light itself, the switch or at the home electrical panel.  Ensure your lighting terminations are tight, properly grounded and that the switches are connected and installed properly in the recessed box. Make sure your terminal connections are not touching any bare metal.


  1. Thank you for the advice. My husband and I just moved into an old house and the lights flicker on and off constantly. It freaks the kids out. I'll try to look for a loose wire connection, but I think it would be safer to hire an electrical service to help us out.

    Susan Hirst |

  2. My lights have been flickering a lot recently, so I was wondering what could cause that to happen. Making sure that my lighting terminals are tight seems like a good tip to know. I didn't realize that they could get too loose, so I'll check on them and tighten those terminals as needed.

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